Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Project Life - Week 6

Week 6 was a fun week!  We started the week with a birthday celebration.  Jim's mom had a birthday at the end of January, and since Drew was sick on her birthday, we postponed her dinner a little bit.  We brought dinner over to her at her apartment on Monday evening.  Her sister lives in the same building, so she came over for dinner too.  We gave her some pictures for one of her living room walls.
 One of Jim's cousins is married to an artist, and he did some drawings of Drew and Maddie.  Jim hung them for his mom a few weeks ago, but she wanted some photos of the children to go on the wall with the drawings, so we gave her a new frame and another little hanging for her birthday, and Jim hung them for her that evening.
 Jim rented Season One of Downton Abbey for me, and we watched the whole thing.  I am hooked!
 Maddie is getting into everything!  Jim says that she needs a hobby!  She looked so cute this day that I had to take a few pictures of her.  Her aunts have spoiled her with many cute clothes.  Her little shirt is from Aunt Nora,
 and her rainbow jeans are from Aunt Sharon.  So cute!
 Maddie has learned to hug recently, and she gives some really good hugs!  She loves to hug Drew, and she sometimes crawls over to him just to hug him.
 Since Maddie is a Valentine's Day baby, the actual day has become pretty much hers, so we celebrated Valentine's Day early, and Jim spread it out over several days.  He brought me some little roses on Thursday.
 Drew loved his little Valentine mailbox, and he asked me every day after school if the flag was up and if there was going to be a surprise inside when he got home from school.
 We got several inches of snow on Thursday night, and we had a snow day on Friday.  After the boys cleared the driveway, we took Maddie out into the snow for the first time.  She was very serious about it.
 Drew made a quick snow angel
 and threw a few snowballs before we came inside.
 The snow must have tired Maddie out because she fell asleep in her chair at lunch.
 She also got into a box of tissues that afternoon - it was a busy day for her!
 The boys went out that afternoon and came back with some Dove chocolate, a Sonic gift card, and some coupons for me.  Jim said that he knows how much I love coupons, so he made some for me.  They really spoiled me!
 We had a little date night on Saturday night (I told you that he spread out Valentine's Day over a few days!), and we went to our favorite Greek restaurant.
 Here is what I did for Project Life for this week.  I made a big page and a little insert this week.  This is how it will look in the book, with the insert on top,
 and here is how it will look with the insert flipped over.
 I made the main page about our week, with several pictures from the snow.
I made the insert all about Valentine's Day.  I made it by cutting off the top third of a Design A page.  This is the front side,
 and this is the back.
I like using inserts to include extra pictures about events or celebrations.
I am linking this post at The Mom Creative.
I hope your Valentine's Day was very nice.  I hope to post again this week about Maddie's birthday.  We had so much fun celebrating her first birthday this weekend!


Margie S (Nihao, Cupcake! xnomads.typepad.com) said...

I think I said this last time I stopped by, but your family is adorable! Great job capturing the details of Valentine's Day

Kimberly said...

Love your pages! Your kids are adorable! All this talk about Downton Abbey, I might just have to give in and check it out. :)

Pink Ronnie said...

Such adorable snow angel photos! Thanks for sharing with us!
Ronnie xo

Charlotte said...

I love your spread and how you cut that design A protector. Good idea. Lovely family you have. :) I will be back for more inspiration.
Take care,
Charlotte in Denmark.