Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Project Life - Week 5

Week 5 was a bit rough!  Drew came down with a stomach bug on Sunday evening right before bed.  He was fine the rest of the night, but he had diarrhea the next morning.  We were going to keep him home from school on Monday anyway, but it ended up being a snow day, so we were glad that he wasn't going to miss anything by staying home that day.  That day was also supposed to be the start of Spirit Week at school, and  since it was Sports Day, Drew wore his Lions jersey with this pajama pants.
 Maddie has really gotten good at playing peek-a-boo!  She starts it up all on her own, and she cracks herself up!
 Poor Drew had diarrhea again on Tuesday morning, but then he felt great all day.  We really thought that he was better, so we went out to Cracker Barrel that evening for Jim's belated birthday dinner with his mother (since she had been at home recovering from her blood clots the week of Jim's birthday).  Drew woke up crying later that night and then threw up in his bed.  He threw up in the night every night throughout the rest of the week, and he felt pretty sick during the day those days too.  He was so frustrated about being sick for so long, and he was sad to be missing school and Spirit Week.  He lay around on the couch a lot that week.
 I tried to play Uno with him one day, but after one quick game, he wanted to stop because he was feeling too sick.
 Jim came home early one afternoon, and I went out to a couple of grocery stores.  I found some Goldfish crackers on sale, and I bought some of the little baby ones for Maddie.  She loves them!
 Drew's teacher sent his work home, and he worked hard to get it all made up.
 We ended up going to the doctor on Friday to make sure that Drew didn't have something more than a stomach bug.  The doctor said that Drew had a stomach bug and a sinus issue going on at the same time that week.  He gave us a few suggestions to help him get better.  We stopped at Sonic to get Drew a Powerade slush (and to get me a Diet Coke with vanilla) on the way home from the doctor's office.
We kept Drew on his bland diet the rest of the week and started giving him a nasal steroid and allergy medication.  He was feeling pretty good on Saturday and was much better on Sunday!
These are the layouts for Weeks 4 and 5, as they will look together in the album.  I used papers that coordinated to tie the two layouts together.
 This is my Week 5 page.  I did one small picture collage about Jim's belated birthday dinner at Cracker Barrel.  The rest were all 3x4 inch photos.
I hope you have a great Valentine's Day tomorrow!  We will be celebrating Maddie's first birthday - it is so hard to believe that she is a year old!