Monday, November 19, 2012

Free Card for All My Readers!

I had quite a few entries for last week's giveaway, so I know that this offer will interest some of my readers!  Treat contacted me and wanted me to let you all know that they want to give away a totally personalized greeting card to each of you for FREE!  You can choose to make any kind of card you want - Thank You, Birthday, Holiday, anything!  You can add your own photo(s) and customize the wording to make your card just how you want it to be, and there are a lot of fun cards to pick from.
I love to take advantage of free card offers like this to make cards for the grandparents for each holiday and customized birthday cards for everyone in my family.  I like that you can add your own names and text to personalize the cards.

Another way I've used free photo cards is to make cute Christmas cards for Drew's teachers at church and school.  This year, I made something similar to this snowman card, with Drew's little smiling face in it for all of his teachers.

If you have someone special to make a card for or if you've never made a photo card before and have been wanting to try it (Mom!), here is your opportunity to do it for free!
Today and tomorrow, November 19 and 20, you can use coupon code TREATBLOGR to make and have one card shipped to you for free.
*This was a compensated post, but the ideas and opinions were mine.  :) 

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Rachel Huber said...

Awww, I didn't see this until today! I had it all designed, and then I saw the code had expired :( Next time!!