Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Pumpkin Orchard and a Pumpkin Recipe

Drew's kindergarten class went to the pumpkin patch last week.  Drew was very excited to go, and he kept calling it the "Pumpkin Orchard," when he talked about his upcoming field trip.  One thing he was very excited about was riding out to the farm with his friend, Joseph.  Joseph's mom, Beth, and I are friends, and since she was going on this field trip, she offered to take Drew.  All of the pictures from the trip are ones that she kindly took and sent to me.
While they were waiting for the rest of the class to arrive, Beth took a picture of the boys. 

 Then Drew wanted his picture to be taken with Beth!
 Riding out to the pumpkin patch on a big wagon.
 Drew followed the farmer around the patch looking for the right pumpkin.
 A possible candidate for the perfect pumpkin.
 The final selection!  Beth said that Drew wasn't looking for the biggest or prettiest pumpkin - he was looking for the cleanest one!  (He is SO my child!)  He ended up choosing this one that is about the size of a large apple and is a bit misshapen on one side, but he picked it, and he loves it.  :)
 Drew's little group at the farm.
 After they picked out their pumpkins, they got to eat donuts!
 Then they played on the giant hay bale pyramid.
 The petting farm!
 The goat pen.
 Back out to the playground.

 The kindergarten class.
 They had a really good time, and I loved hearing all about it from Beth and Drew.  Thanks for the pictures, Beth!
Drew's teacher had a birthday this past week, and a few of the moms decided to make a lunch for all the teachers that day to celebrate.  I was asked to make a cake, so I started searching for a fall-ish recipe that would be tasty and kind of special.  When I found this recipe for Pumpkin Spice Latte Cupcakes, I knew I had found the one!  They were so good!
If you are looking for a fabulous, fun recipe for an event this fall, make these cupcakes!  They are delicious!

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Carrie said...

The "pumpkin orchard: made me smile. Just the other day a lady was saying how thankful she was that pumpkins don't grow on trees--they might fall on our heads! Drew is getting so big!