Thursday, October 11, 2012

Random Recent

Today I have a few random recent pictures to share.
Jim has had to close at work a night or two each week as we've gotten into fall, so I have been trying to find fun things to do with Drew on some of those evenings.  One night last week, we made pretzels.  Drew had fun stretching out the strips of dough and trying to twist them.

Maddie watched from her Bumbo.
She is really smiley with us at home, but she is pretty serious around people she doesn't know.
The pretzels tasted good!
 This past Sunday, Maddie wore a little dress that my mom made for her.  She looked so cute in it!  I managed to get a few pictures of her with her shoes on before she kicked them off. 
 You can see a bit of her polka dot bloomers in this picture.
 Maddie can be a messy eater!  She loves to eat, and she really gets into it, but she also gets distracted while she eats, and with all her looking around the room, she gets food all over her face.

 She also started eating Cheerios this week, and she is a Cheerio fan!
 She is still working on getting food from her hands to her mouth.  She usually ends up sucking on the hand that is holding the food, as the food turns to mush in her hand.  She gets some of it, and we just try to keep the rest of it off of her clothes and out of her hair.

 Drew's kindergarten class has been studying community helpers, and they had to dress up as community helpers this week.  Drew wanted to be a fireman, but I couldn't find him a costume, so I decided that he would be a doctor instead.  I bought a pair of women's extra small scrubs at the thrift store for $3, and I took them in quite a bit on the sides and hemmed the shirt and pants.  I thought they turned out well, and he looked great in them!  Here's Doctor Drew!
 The K5 community helpers.
 I have a few pumpkin posts planned for next week and a really good pumpkin recipe to share.  I hope that you are having a great October!

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