Saturday, June 23, 2012

Strawberry Picking

Drew, Maddie, and I met some friends at the orchard Friday morning to pick strawberries.  
 It was a beautiful, warm day to be at the farm!  For $3.00, we got to pick a quart of strawberries, play on the playground, and see the animals in the petting farm.
 We rode out to the strawberry fields on a big golf cart.  The boys were very excited!
 Drew listened well to the picking instructions, and he found some nice berries.

 Cute little berry pickers

 Drew kept showing me all the berries he picked.
 The boys worked hard, but they got hot and tired before they got their baskets filled.  The last little bit of picking was pretty tough!
 Drew with his basket of berries
 Some of our group's strawberries
 Back in the golf cart to return to the barn

 When we got back, we let the boys play while the moms and the baby girls sat in the shade to cool off.  After they played for a little while, we ate lunch, and then they went back to playing.
 Drew was sad to be leaving and would not cooperate for a picture.
 Maddie and me
Maddie was a good girl at the farm.  I had her in a carrier, and every time I crouched down to pick a strawberry, she would fuss.  I think she was just uncomfortable.  She was happy once we got back from the field.
 We stopped for drinks at Sonic on the way home - it was Happy Hour!  Drew chose a strawberry slush since we had been picking strawberries.  The first grade teacher in me loved that he stuck with the theme of the day!  :)
 Maddie fell asleep on the way home.
We had fun at the farm, and we were all a little worn out that evening.  My back and my knees were a little sore from all the crouching and bending (with a baby strapped to me!).  Now we have to decide what to do with our two quarts of strawberries!

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Sounds like great fun, Megan!