Monday, May 28, 2012

Summer Vacation

Last Wednesday was Drew's last day of preschool, and he is now officially a Kindergartner!  He had a great year of K4, and we are glad that we decided to send him to school this year.  Here he is with his teacher, Mrs. Johnson, on the last day of preschool.
 We gave Mrs. Johnson a little gift for the end of the school year.  I made her a frame with a clip so that she can change out her pictures easily.  This was a very simple project.  My mom actually saw this at a friend's house and asked me to make her one for Mother's Day.  I made one for her and one for Jim's mom for Mother's Day, and then I decided to make an apple one for Mrs. Johnson.
I used an 8x10 frame (from Hobby Lobby) and used spray adhesive to glue the apple paper right to the glass.  Once the glue dried, I reassembled the frame and glued a spray painted clip to the paper-covered glass.  I found the clips at Walmart.  I used hot glue to glue on the clip on the mothers' frames, but the clips didn't stay glued very well.  I tried a different adhesive on Mrs. Johnson's frame, and I am hoping that it holds better.
We also gave her a few apple paper pads (from the dollar section at Walmart), and some apple hand lotion from Bath and Body Works.
Drew was only in school two mornings a week, but we will enjoy having little to no scheduled activities for the next few months of summer vacation.  We are hoping to relax and get a few things done around the house. 
Here is Drew getting ready for a nap.  Sometimes, when I am getting him put in bed for a nap, I lie Maddie on the top part of Drew's bed so I can have my hands free to tuck Drew in,  We jokingly call this the "top bunk."  The first time I told Drew that Maddie was on the top bunk, he got quite upset and said that he should have the top bunk because he is bigger.
 It looks like Maddie has her cheeks puffed out from this angle, but she doesn't!  She is just getting some big, chubby cheeks!
 She is very sweet, and we are enjoying having a baby girl in our family!
 A small wardrobe malfunction - she gets pretty mad when this happens.  :)
We have a few goals and plans for the summer.  I have a few skills that I want to work on with Drew - reviewing his preschool work, tying his shoes, and learning to help with a few more household jobs.  We are also planning to read come chapter books.  We just finished "Charlotte's Web," and we are reading "Mr. Popper's Penguins" now.
I am trying to get the children's clothing organized so that I know what we have, what we need, and what we can get rid of.  We are going to try to sell some of it on Ebay.  I buy most of the children's clothes at my favorite thrift store, but this summer, I am enjoying Free Apparel Tuesday at our Sears Outlet.  Each Tuesday this past month, they have posted a coupon on their Facebook page for one free clothing item.  I have gotten these four things for Maddie in the past month - totally free!  If you have a Sears outlet that sells clothing, I would totally recommend checking this out.  From what I understand, they are going to be doing this every Tuesday through July 10.
My parents will be visiting this summer, and then the children and I will be going back to South Carolina with them for a week or so.  We are looking forward to a fun summer!

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