Friday, May 25, 2012

First Trip to the Dentist

One morning last week, we took a fun family trip to the dentist.  It was Drew's first visit, and he did great!  They scheduled us with two hygienists, and Drew and I were called back at the same time, so I had to run in and just snap a few pictures before my own turn, two chairs away. 
Drew's hygienist did a great job of talking him through everything and showing him all the tools before she got started.
 Checking out his teeth.
 She asked Drew how old he was, and he showed her his five.
 The hygienist told me that Drew will probably start teething with his six-year molars this summer since he has lost his first tooth.  I guess six-year molars usually follow first tooth loss pretty closely.
 I snapped a few last pictures because my hygienist had come down to Drew's chair to hurry me along.  As I left him, Drew was choosing his toothpaste flavor - raspberry.  I thought he would choose cookie dough, but he chose raspberry instead.
From my chair, I could overhear little tidbits from the rest of Drew's appointment.  At one point, I heard his hygienist say, "Be careful.  You almost bit my finger."  They both ended up making it through without injury, and Drew had no cavities, so overall, it was a very good introduction to the dentist!

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