Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Big Brother

Drew is very excited to be a big brother. He came to visit us in the hospital the night Maddie was born, and he was just fascinated by her. He kept going over to her little bed to check her out.

He came back to visit us several times while we were at the hospital. Each time, he wanted to hold his little sister.

I am so blessed to be the mother of these two children!
Drew enjoyed coming to see us at the hospital, and he loved riding up and down on my bed. He also liked to introduce himself to our nurses and tell them how old he is and when his birthday is.

As excited as we were about Maddie's birth and about spending time with her at the hospital, we really missed Drew. We loved having him come to visit us. He did really well while he stayed with his grandparents, and we are so pleased with the way he is transitioning into being a big brother.

Drew is also trying to be a good helper. He throws away the dirty diapers and grabs pacifiers and blankets for us when our hands are full.

We were afraid that after almost 5 years of being our only child, Drew might be jealous of Maddie and the attention that she is getting, but he is really doing great.

We are so proud of our big boy!


Carrie said...

So sweet!!!! Our "big brother" will be only 18 months when baby sister arrives next month, so pretty sure he won't be this happy. Oh well! Drew just looks so pleased, and so do you. Congratulations!

bakscrap said...

What great photos Megan. Give Drew a big hug!