Monday, August 1, 2011

My Medical Existance

The past several weeks have been filled with doctor appointments, ultrasounds, and medicine! The day I took my home pregnancy test, I called the doctor's office to see if the blood pressure medicine I was taking was safe for pregnancy. I went in to see a doctor later that week, and he changed my blood pressure medicine and had me get some lab work done.
I went back twice the following week - once to see the OB nurse and talk about my pregnancy and health history and then again the next day to have a dating ultrasound and see the doctor for the first time. My first ultrasound showed me to be about 5 weeks along, and all that we could really see was the yolk sack. Since my blood pressure was a little high that day and we hadn't been able to see much at the ultrasound, my doctor wanted me to come back a week later to see her again and to have a second ultrasound. I was in South Carolina with my parents the next week, but the day after we got home, I had my second ultrasound and doctor appointment. According to the first ultrasound, I was supposed to be 6 and a half weeks along at my second ultrasound, and the second ultrasound confirmed that. At the second ultrasound, I saw the baby and the heartbeat. The ultrasound tech and my doctor both said that everything looked good. My blood pressure was high again, so my doctor wanted me to come back again a week later for a possible blood pressure medicine change.

I went back last week, and my blood pressure was still high, so my doctor switched my medicine. I am now taking blood pressure medicine twice a day, a prenatal vitamin, a baby aspirin, a vitamin D supplement, and a DHA supplement every day. I went ahead and bought a pill organizer to keep things a little simpler!

I am also taking my blood pressure at home several times a day and keeping a record for the doctor. My blood pressure has been great this week at home, so I am wondering if I am just getting nervous at the doctor's office. I'm praying that that is the case and that my blood pressure really is under control.

I go back to the doctor again on Wednesday, so I am hoping for a good visit! I was very thankful to learn this week that I do not have a copay for prenatal visits, so at least all of these appointments are not costing us anything out of pocket. I would appreciate your prayers that my blood pressure would be controlled and that it won't cause trouble this pregnancy.


becka said...

We are praying!

Jessica said...

Congrats! You will be in my prayers. It is such a stressful time at the beginning, I totally feel your stress. Breathe deep and everything will be ok. Have faith.