Thursday, July 7, 2011

Anniversary Trip

Jim and I celebrated our eighth wedding anniversary last week by taking an overnight trip to Traverse City, Michigan. We arrived around dinner time, and we had a wonderful dinner at the Apache Trout Grill. We each had a different kind of fish, and they were both delicious. After dinner, we went and had ice cream at a little ice cream shop near our hotel. I had a cherry chocolate ice cream, and Jim had a chocolate marshmallow ice cream.

The ice cream shop was decorated with some interesting animal art work. This one was called, "Noah's Ark."

We had a lovely view of the water from our hotel room (ha!).

This was the front of the hotel.

The next day, we had planned to take a sailboat ride, but the weather was pretty dreary and rainy, so we decided to cancel those plans and drive out to see a lighthouse instead.

This was the beach in front of the lighthouse.

The lighthouse was smaller and shorter than we were expecting it to be.

We decided not to pay to climb the lighthouse, since we didn't think that the view from a short lighthouse would be that much better than the view from the beach.

We went back to town for lunch, and then we walked through the shops for a bit before leaving to go home. We took our time driving home, and we stopped at a few outlets and for dinner along the way. We had a nice time, just the two of us, and Drew had a great time staying with Jim's mom!

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Jess said...

I live in Traverse City, Michigan!!!