Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Drew's Thomas Bed

Jim's sister and brother-in-law, Sharon and Larry, gave Drew a Thomas the Train bed for his birthday! Just the other day, Drew told me that he wanted a Thomas bed. It was so random that he brought this up, because Jim and I already knew that he was getting one for his birthday. Drew was very excited when Sharon dropped it off at our house on Saturday morning. Up until this point, Drew had still been sleeping in his crib. He never tried to climb out of it (he is afraid of falling), and he still fit in it nicely. We had been planning to move him up to a twin bed, but when Sharon offered to buy him a Thomas toddler bed, we agreed because we knew he would love it. Jim put the Thomas bed together Saturday night after the birthday party, and we moved the crib out and the bed in on Sunday. Drew loves his new bed! He slept in it for the first time on Sunday afternoon. I usually read him a story before his naps and at bedtime, but he's been wanting to skip the stories and get right into his Thomas bed!
We rearranged the furniture in Drew's room a little bit. We moved the changing table out and brought in a bookcase, and we moved our reading chair out of the corner and farther down the wall. The reading chair is a hand-me-down from my parents. I had it in my classroom for 7 years, and I sat in it and read to my first graders every day after recess. When Drew was born, I brought it home and put it in his room. I've loved using it to nurse him, rock him, and read to him these past 4 years, and I'm glad that there is still room for it in his room - if he ever lets me start reading to him again!
His dresser is on the opposite wall.
I snuck in and took a picture of Drew napping in his bed on Sunday afternoon. He always sleeps with his 2 Curious Georges. He is doing a great job of staying in his bed and is transitioning well.
Drew is enjoying his new big boy bed and room, and we are excited for this new stage of his life.

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