Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pumpkin Carving

We carved a pumpkin one night last week. It was a little pumpkin that we bought when we were at Lyda farm in North Carolina. Jim was the carver, Drew was the "helper," and I was the photographer. Jim's mom was also there as a spectator. Drew was a bit of a pill that evening, and didn't really help as much as he did last year. He didn't like the feel of the pumpkin, so he didn't help much with cleaning it out. We all pretty much just watched Jim carve. Drew spent a lot of time running around on the porch and playing with the lid of the pumpkin.
Here are the guys with the finished pumpkin. It was pretty cold by the time we finished, and we were all ready to get inside!
Maybe next year, Drew will get a little more interested in the pumpkin-carving process!

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Betty Anne said...

Loved seeing the picturesof the pumpkin carving. I especially love the pumpkin shirt your little guy was wearing, too cute.