Friday, February 26, 2010

Potty Training

We are hard at work at potty training here at our house this weekend. I have been planning a Potty Party for the past few weeks, and yesterday was the day! We started the day with pancakes and balloons. Our goal for the morning was to potty train Drew's buddy, Curious George. I told Drew that his job was to help me teach George to go potty on the toilet. Each time George wet in the potty or kept his Thomas underwear dry, he got a sticker on his chart and a treat (which Drew got to eat for him if he promised that he would go potty on the toilet someday too). This was the treat tray.
We watched several potty training movies and read some potty training books.
Drew sat with George and encouraged him while he tried to go potty.
He and George would check the potty after George was done.
I decorated the bathroom.
After naps, it was Drew's turn to go potty on the toilet. I gave him a big box of underwear, and he chose to wear some 'Mater (from the Cars movie) underwear. I tried to think of some fun drinks for Drew to drink during the afternoon. This was a vanilla milkshake.

We had our first potty success around 5:30 in the evening. He went on the potty one other time in the evening, and then he had an accident right before bed.
Drew isn't really excited to sit on his potty, but when we read or play with him, he will sit for a while.
Today has been a pretty good day 2 of the potty training. Drew has gone potty twice so far in his little toilet and has not had any accidents. We are hoping that soon it will be just a natural, easy part of our lives. We have promised Drew that we will buy him a Gordon train when he starts to go potty on the toilet all the time. This is quite a process, and I'm sure it will still take us a while, but we are working hard and hoping to see real progress in the next week or so!

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rob said...

I hope things will click and very soon this will be his new way of life. :-)