Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

I had a nice Mother's Day with my guys this weekend. Jim and Drew took me out for dinner at Mongolian Barbeque on Saturday night. Then, Jim made an apple coffee cake for breakfast yesterday, and he made lunch for his mom and me after church yesterday afternoon. Jim made our entire lunch on the grill. He grilled chicken (with a marinade he made himself), some seasoned potatoes, and baked beans (on the side burner of the grill). It was all very good! My Mother's Day gift was our trip to Greenville at Spring Break. I also got a nice card, and we are going to go to Home Depot this week to get some hanging baskets of flowers for the front of our house. It was a nice day (until allergies hit in the late afternoon).
I also want to share the Mother's Day project the fourth graders made for their moms. They made "To Do" lists for their moms using 8x10" picture frames. The moms can write their lists right on the glass with dry-erase markers and then wipe them off at the end of the week. These were very easy, and I think they turned out so cute! I am planning to make myself one this summer, and my mom just might get one too. :)
I hope everyone had a lovely Mother's Day!

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