Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Project Life - Weeks 24 and 25

I am dreadfully behind in sharing my Project Life - I didn't do any Project Life posts at all during the summer!  Today I am sharing some activities from way back in June, and I am hoping to share them more regularly in the next few weeks!
Week 24:
Drew's kids class had a fair during Sunday night church.  He came out with a snake painted on his arm and a big handful of candy!
 I made a strawberry pie.  Yum!
 Jim bought himself a slightly early Father's Day gift - a new driver.
 Maddie realized that her Minnie Mouse shoes fit Drew's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' feet.  So stylish!
 Maddie likes to do everything that Drew does, and it often leads to frustration.  This day, they both had their Wii controllers.
 We ate a fun summer dinner.
 Drew went to his first big boy birthday party without us!  A friend from his class at school invited a couple of boys over for a water balloon fight, games at Chuckie Cheese, and dinner at Red Robin.  Drew had a wonderful time!
 While we waited for Drew's party to be done, Jim, Maddie, and I had dinner at Panera with a gift card from some students at school.  I always get a Greek salad and broccoli cheddar soup.
 Maddie had one of her favorites - Macaroni and cheese!
Here's what I did for Project Life this week:
Week 25:
This week started with Father's Day Sunday.  Jim had already gotten his big gift - the driver, so we just got him a few treats, and Drew made him a card.
 After morning church, we went over to Jim's sister's house for lunch and most of the afternoon.  We had fun, and both kids were worn out!  They fell asleep on the way home.
Jim and Drew played golf one evening after dinner.  Jim wanted to try out the new driver, and Drew just wanted to play!
 The kids love to play in the yard with Jim in the evenings.  This week, they played a little baseball.
 Maddie doesn't like to be left out, so she played too!
 Drew had a play date with some friends from school one afternoon.  They went swimming at a park near the friend's house, and the mom texted me a picture.
 Maddie got into Drew's fish food and dumped a bunch of it all over Drew's bedroom floor.  She felt guilty about it as I was cleaning it up, as you can see.
 Maddie has been going through some changes in her sleep schedule, and she doesn't always nap well anymore.  One afternoon, she fell asleep on Jim's lap.  He loved the cuddle time, since Maddie is not typically a snuggler.
 We had some rainy days this week, and I taught Drew to play Yahtzee.  We had a fun time!
 We have had several graduation open houses to attend this summer (with Jim's job as principal), and we had one on Saturday afternoon.
Here's what I did for Project Life this week:
Here are Weeks 24 and 25 together:
I have a lot more Project Life to share, and I am hoping to share my pages on a weekly basis again now.  I guess that summer vacation got me out of my Project Life routine.  I was making the pages pretty regularly, but I got way behind in sharing them!  :)

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becka said...

That first picture of Drew is a really nice one. You will have to get a copy and frame it. :)