Thursday, July 3, 2014

Summer List - Baseball, Bowling, and Bedroom

I shared a few weeks ago about the summer list we made, and I am back today to share a little bit of progress.  In the past few weeks, Jim and Drew went bowling, we went to a baseball game, and we organized Drew's bedroom.  Our garden box has also been doing pretty well - our plants are growing, and we are keeping it watered and weeded.  I have a few pictures to share about our summer so far.

A group of men and boys from our church went bowling one evening a few weeks ago.  Jim and Drew were part of the group, and they had a great time.  Unfortunately, they were having so much fun that they forgot to take any pictures, so you will just have to take my word for it that they truly went.  :)

Baseball Game
Our baseball game ended up being another church activity!  A big group of about 65 people from our church went down to Detroit to see a Tigers game earlier this week, and Jim, Drew, and I were part of the group.  We started by tailgating at church.  We had hot dogs for dinner, and people played games outside behind the church.  Jim and Drew played corn hole,
 and Drew tried a new game, called, "Nine Squares."
We traveled down to the stadium on church buses and arrived shortly before the start of the game.  
 Our whole group sat together for the game, and Drew learned about "photo bombing" from the teenagers in front of us.  I made him take a picture with me, too.
It was quite hot for about the first hour of the game, but once the sun set below the walls of the stadium, it became much more comfortable.  The sky was very pretty as the sun was setting.
The Tigers ended up winning 3-0, with the pitcher, Rick Porcello, getting his second straight complete game shut-out.  It was a fun night!

Organizing Drew's Bedroom
Drew and I spent a few hours last week organizing his bedroom.  We were urged into action because Drew's DS was missing.  I was pretty sure that it was somewhere in Drew's room, and as we cleaned, sure enough, we found it!  We found some other things that had been missing, and we also set aside several things for our garage sale and threw out some other things.
It felt good to get his room organized, and he has realized that her really likes his room this way - imagine that!
He is working hard to keep it clean and nice.

Garden Box
This summer we planted tomatoes (Roma and cherry) and peppers (jalapeno and bell).
Our plants are growing pretty well, and we've had enough rain that we really haven't had to do that much watering.  We are just starting to get our first flowers on our tomato plants, and we are hoping for some veggies in the next several weeks!

So, here's how our Summer list looks so far.  We might have been a bit ambitious, but we are still hoping to accomplish many of these things before school starts back up.  We'll see!

Hawkins Family Summer List
1.  Drew - Barnes and Noble summer reading program
2.  Make homemade ice cream
3.  Grill pizza and s'mores
4.  Go to the sprinkler park
5.  Have a garage sale
6.  Make a strawberry pie
7.  Go to the library
8.  Get Sonic shakes in our jammies (They are half-price after 8:00 pm!)
9.  Have a picnic
10.  Go putt-putting
11.  Go to Metro Beach
12.  Go to the Lego store
13.  Paint our bedroom
14.  Go to the dairy farm
15.  Drew - learn to ride a bike
16.  Drew - go to choir camp
17.  Drew and Jim - go to a Home Depot craft morning
18.  Make kabobs
19.  Keep up with our garden box - so far, so good!
20.  Go to the dentist
21.  Organize the bedrooms - Drew, Maddie, Us
22.  Go to a baseball game
23.  Maddie - try potty training
24.  Go to Dress Like a Cow Day at Chick-Fil-a
25.  Go bowling

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