Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Project Life Weeks 51 and 52

I am officially finished with Project Life for 2013!  I have loved this project this year, and I've found that I am able to keep up with it pretty well.  I have already gotten started with 2014, and I plan to keep sharing my pages this year.
Week 51
This week started with some snow on Sunday morning.
 Maddie had a cold, so she and I stayed home from church that morning, and the guys ventured out in the snow for church.
 The third grade teacher at our school had a Mothers' Christmas luncheon, and she invited me to come as her guest.  She and the students had decorated the room beautifully, and the lunch was delicious!  The kids did a little program for the moms and gave them each a set of snowmen that they had made.  The mothers all loved the luncheon, and I was so glad to have been invited!
 My babysitter fell through at the last minute that morning, so Jim told me that Maddie could just hang out in his office during the luncheon.  I found them watching Curious George on Jim's computer when I went to get Maddie.
 Maddie is loving puzzles right now!
 The guys had a long, busy week this week.  They had big plans of doing something fun together Friday night, but they both fell asleep on the couch!
 Eddie got into everything this week - the Christmas decorations,
 the toothpaste,
 the candles,
 and the cookies!
 I spent quite a bit of time on the teacher gifts this week.
I made and packaged the hand warmers, and Jim delivered them to the teachers at school.
 We also spent several evenings working on Maddie's kitchen after the kids went to bed.
 We had made quite a bit of progress by the end of the week.
Here's what I did for Project Life for Week 51.
Week 52
We had cinnamon rolls for breakfast Sunday morning, and since Maddie still had her cold, the guys went to church without us again this week.
 Eddie did one of his worst things ever this week - he wrote on Jim's forehead with a marker while Jim was asleep!  Drew thought that was quite funny!
 We finished Maddie's kitchen Christmas Eve morning!
 We celebrated Christmas with Jim's mother at her house the night before Christmas Eve.  We had Mexican food for dinner (we are so traditional!), and then we exchanged gifts.

 Maddie was still really struggling with her cold, and her face was chapped from her runny nose.
 Jim's side of the family had their celebration early Christmas Eve afternoon, and since Maddie had a bad cough and was not feeling good, I kept her home.  The boys went without us and had a fun time.  They brought home a big bag of gifts for Maddie.  When they got home, we finished loading up the van, and we left for South Carolina.  We drove about four hours Christmas Eve evening and then stopped for the night at a hotel in Cincinnati.  We did our family gift exchange in the hotel that night.  Drew was very excited about his new Bey Blade stadium
and his Duck Dynasty shirt, among other things.
 Maddie's big gift was her kitchen (which we did not bring along!), but we also got her a few books and a Curious George DVD.
 Jim and I just got each other a few little things, and then we also bought ourselves some new clothes.  Jim loved his desk calendar!
 We did stockings the next morning, after a rough night with our sick girl.  She woke up in her Pack and Play around 2 AM, and then she struggled for the rest of the night.  She slept with Jim and me in our bed for a while, and she even slept for a bit on the floor!

 We spent most of Christmas Day driving to South Carolina, and we got there early that evening.  My sister and brother-in-law came over for dinner and a gift exchange that evening.

 Drew got lots of Ninja Turtle stuff for Christmas!
 The guys went to see my brother-in-law's work one morning, while the girls shopped the Christmas clearance at Target.  Drew liked seeing the machines!
 We played several games while we were at my parents' house.  This was a squirrel game from Germany.
 We got to spend quite a bit of time with my brother and sister and their families.  Maddie loves her baby cousin, Avery!
 It was fun to see everyone and spend time together!
 Maddie saw Avery getting a bottle, so she tried to feed my old baby doll with one of the bottles she got in her Christmas stocking.
Here are my Project life pages for Week 52.  I did two pages (front and back, with the back being the last page in the album.).  Here's the front of Week 52,
 and here is the back.  I had plenty of pictures for this week between Christmas and our trip, so two pages worked out perfectly.
 Here is what Week 51 and the front of Week 52 looked like across the page from each other.
I am linking up with The Mom Creative.
I have loved doing Project Life this year, and I am happy with the page-per-week, with a few inserts for special events and holidays here and there, format that I used.  I don't plan to change too much for Project Life 2014.  One of the things I have enjoyed the most about Project Life this year is that I find myself and my family reaching for the album and looking through it.  Drew, especially, loves to look through the album and point out things that he remembers from the past year.  I'm looking forward to another year of memories and the fun of documenting them for my family!

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