Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Naught Elf and A Christmas Party

Eddie did a few more naughty things to finish up his time with us.
He wrote on the bathroom mirror in toothpaste, and he blamed Drew!  Drew could read what was written on the mirror, and he was shocked that he was being blamed.  :)
 He drew all over some of Drew's baby pictures with a marker.
 He changed the Christmas count down to 95 days - I guess he wanted to spend more time at our house!  Drew was really good about keeping up with the count down this year, so he noticed this one right away.
 He drank some syrup.
He replaced all of the pictures on Drew's bedroom wall with pictures of himself.

He took Jim's car out for a drive one night!  Drew couldn't find Eddie anywhere that morning, but when the guys went out to go to school, there was Eddie, sitting in Jim's steering wheel!
On his last night at our house, he played with Drew's new Angry Birds game.
We really had fun with Eddie this past month, and I think that Jim and I might have enjoyed Eddie more than Drew did.  I asked Drew if he thought Santa would send Eddie back to stay at our house again next year, and he told me that he hopes that he doesn't!  He said that Eddie was one naughty elf.  However, I think that Eddie will probably be coming back to see us next December.  :)
Drew was in two Christmas concerts this year - one at school and one at church.  Here is a picture of Drew and Maddie before the school Christmas concert.

 Drew had a Christmas party at school on his last morning of school.  The children made little Christmas trees out of ice cream cones, green frosting, and M&Ms,
 and then they ate them!
 They had a little gift exchange that they enjoyed very much.
We are all off from work and school now until next week, and we are really enjoying our time with friends and family!

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