Monday, April 16, 2012

Our Trip to the Zoo

Drew, Maddie, and I spent last Friday at the Detroit Zoo. Drew was on Spring Break from pre-school last week, and I wanted to do something fun with him while he was out of school. Friday had the nicest weather of the week, so we picked that day. We had talked about going with friends, but we didn't coordinate it in time, so we went on our own and had a very nice time. Drew brought along his Sonic doll, which you will see in most of the photos! He loves that doll!
We started with the penguins, who were being fed.
Next we went through the aviary.
These little monkeys were Drew's favorite animals of the day. I think it was because they were pretty near the window, and he was able to see them up close.
The gorillas were close to the viewing area too.
Maddie started getting fussy, so we stopped for lunch. Drew and I had packed a picnic, and Drew really enjoyed eating outside. Someone had dropped some sandwich crusts near our table, and a little squirrel kept coming over to grab them, one-by-one. We had fun watching him.
Drew decided to give the squirrel the remains of his sandwich, but we were surprised when some peacocks came along and ate them instead.
Drew and I stopped at Sonic on the way to the zoo and got drinks. We enjoyed them throughout the zoo.
Another peacock.
The giraffes.
We really liked watching this bear. He was resting when we first got to his area, and then he got up and went over to his little pool of water and jumped in, making a huge splash!
My camera battery died after the bears, and Drew started hobbling a little while later because his shoes were giving him a blister, so we decided to call it a day. The zoo was a little more crowded than I had hoped it would be, but we really had a beautiful day to be there, and we enjoyed our zoo trip very much.

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