Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Drew's Bug and Maddie's Big!

We have had another fairly quiet week at home this past week. Drew is still struggling to get fully better from his stomach bug. It is taking every bit of two weeks (and then some) for him to get it out of his system, so we have stayed home most of the time. We keep thinking he is getting better, and then it comes back. It has been a bit frustrating!
I called the pediatrician about Drew's bug again this week, and they said that it sounds like he is getting to the end of it. He is supposed to keep taking his Culturelle. We went to the doctor today for Maddie's 1 month well-visit (more on that a little further down), and they gave us some cups to take a stool sample from Drew. If the symptoms persist, they can check for parasites. We are hoping not to have to bother with any of that!
I have a few pictures to share from this past week. Here is Maddie in her crib. She is five weeks old now - it's hard to believe!Drew always asks to hold Maddie. He looks to be enjoying it a little more than she is!
He truly loves his baby sister. I heard Drew singing a little made-up song yesterday about how cute Maddie is and how much he loves her. That made my heart happy! :)Maddie was pretty worn out today after her doctor appointment. She got her first shot (you can see the little band aid on her thigh), and she was quite upset about that.I have moved Maddie up to some of her three month sized clothes this week. It has been warm here, and most of her smaller clothes are too warm for this weather. Some of them are also getting pretty snug on her. I was surprised to see how well the three month clothes fit her - and then it all made sense when she was weighed at the doctor today. She weighs 10 pounds! She is in the 63rd percentile for weight. What a difference from our preemie son! When he was this age, he was in the negative percentiles, and we were talking about feeding supplements at all of his appointments. It is so nice to have a healthy baby this time!
I talked to the doctor about Maddie's fussiness. She gave me the name of an baby antacid that we can try to see if Maddie has a mild case of reflux. She said that from Maddie's symptoms it sounds more like colic, but it could also be a bit of reflux, and the antacid might give her some relief. We are hoping that it will help her!


Crafti (Rachelle) said...

Congratulations on your little darling daughter she is beautiful.
I hope Drew's bug will be soon better.


becka said...

Loved all the pictures. Hope the new medicines help.

Carrie said...

Drew looks so happy--what a darling big brother. Maddie looks so big compared to our little 5 pounder. I'm sure she seems huge compared to Drew as a baby. :o)