Friday, November 28, 2008

My Husband, the Handyman

Over the past few days, Jim took on two big projects that he had never tried before - recaulking the bathtub and putting a new battery in my car. I am so proud to say that he was successful in both endeavors.

Our tub had needed to be recaulked SO badly, but we were not very confident about trying to do it ourselves. We had seen an infomercial about a caulking tool that smooths the caulk, so we decided to look for something similar at Home Depot. We found a little kit with a removing tool and a smoothing tool, and it worked very nicely. Our tub looks 100% better!

I left my car headlights on Thursday during Thanksgiving dinner, and when I went out to go home, my battery was dead. Jim and Drew had already left to go home (we had driven separately because Jim was coming from work, and Drew and I were coming from home), so a couple of the guys came out and tried to jump my car battery. After about half an hour of trying, we realized that it just wasn't going to work. Jim came back and picked me up. After checking on-line, Jim decided to try to put in the new battery himself. Friday after work, Jim bought a battery and went back to Sharon and Larry's house and installed it. It worked!

We are preparing for company tomorrow. Jim's college friend, Ben Wright, is coming tomorrow evening and staying overnight at our house. We will be getting together with the Johns and Scally families after church so that they can all visit with Ben too.

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rob said...

Hooray for Jim! He still holds the title of Our Favorite Son-in-law. :-)

Tell Ben Wright hi from me and enjoy his visit.